It is hard to know what to say to explain to people how important the work Heroes for the Homeless is. What I do know is there are many people in the world with many stories and I have been blessed to have met some of them. Being homeless is not a disease or a fault. It is a path and for some a way of life. Many people have vices, most are just not visible. What I have learned in my four plus years of volunteering with Heroes for the Homeless is that we are all human with a need to be seen and heard. As I listen to the countless stories from clients, I have come to realize being homeless can happen to anyone. From the community of teenagers, many just out of foster care when they turned 18, huddling five to a blanket to stay warm in mid-winter to Antonio, a man who despite working hard never made enough to get out of his homelessness situation but always had a smile on his face. He always seemed to find the best of every situation, even creating a beautiful garden that was awe inspiring with beautiful Dahlia flowers and tomato plants. Outreach to our clients is very rewarding knowing we are providing much needed supplies. But what is even more valuable is being able to look them in the eye and have a conversation letting them know they are not forgotten, that they are worthy. Many have touched me and changed my life as I hope our work changes theirs.