Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain love for one another.-Erma Bombeck

There are many ways to be a Hero. You can come out on outreach with us, sponsor an outreach, donate money or provide your professional services. To join the team, we ask of all our volunteers be

  • 18+ years of age due to the sensitive nature of our work
  • Able to hike long distances
  • Able to lift up to 25 pounds
  • Fluent in Spanish helpful
  • Car helpful
  • Experience working with the homeless helpful but not required

Want to join or think you can assist Heroes in helping our clients? Please do not hesitate to email to ask about joining us for outreach. If you would like to sponsor an outreach please contact

Thank you to all of our volunteers past, present and future!


Liz Curtis, 2011/AB

Aaron Walden, 2011/AB

Shannon Parker, 2011/AB

Brad Scott, 2013/AB

Judy Hendrix, 2014/AB

Keith Sims, 2010

Laurie Holderman, 2010

Nate Marotta, 2011

Andrew McNair, 2012

Emily Caris, 2014

Diane Garris, 2014

Mike Crisera, 2014

Christina Chacharon, 2014

Shannon Wright, 2014

Bekah Laughman, 2014

Christy Kolwitz, 2014

Cindy and Larry Remick, 2014

Vicki Kurtz, 2014

Sarah Fenton, 2015

Bridget Weis, 2015

Randy Pargman, 2015

Claire McKenzie, 2015

Andrew Loys, 2015

Megan Hagar, 2015

Danielle Huscher, 2015

Tricia Lapitan, Founder



Advisory Board:  Laureen Lapitan-Yambot (charter member), Drew Bouta, Jennifer Provenzano, Kathleen Kline, Casey Peterson, Aminta Dang, Rebecca Gilley, Giles Gifford, Amber Tyrell, Sean Mafi, Aaron Williams, Nathan Barnes, Yonatan Aldort, and Samantha Supit.


Sriras Johnson, Maggie Lindley, Mhike Yambot (charter member), Robbie Holz, Keaton Daucher, 
John Emahiser, Jamie Hutchinson,
 Colleen Protzman,
 Dee Anderson,
 R. Lee North,
 My Nguyen,
 Jim and Joann Schrimmel, Rich Cook,
 Eric Anderson, Shraddha Williams,
 Bao Nguyen, Ruby and Johnnie Gaines,
 Mehran Kolahiyan, Cody Fritts, Eunice Choi, Jeremy Lehner, Jacqueline Mitchell,
 Megan Lambert, Jeremy Lemoine, Dennis and Audry Heaton, Tracy Lamont, Michael Leonard,
 Ditto Nowakoski,
Randall Rosenau, Tina Estes, 
Olivia Carter, 
Danielle Bidwell, Boomer Bentley, Hee Kim and family
, Janice Mason,
 Larry Huang,
 Fred Vasquez,
 Joey Horan, Elizabeth Romatz,
 Andrea Yoshida,
 Marcel Blabolil, Joann I.,
 John Sanderson,
 Kyle Riggle,
 Steven Latta, Sam Wright, 
Kris Alcaide,
 Atefeh Kolahiyan
, Aaron Colyer, 
Sam Jordan, 
Janice Tufte, Anna Paczewska,
 Patrick Major,
 Nicki Sucec,
 Nick Zaggars,
 Chira Songtantarak, Sue King, 
Leo Rhodes,
 Ryan Patrick, Tom Tran and family,
 Marcia Adams-Landry,
 Matt Lutton, Zenait Kolahiyan,
 Beth Faw,
 Shirley Clavero,
 May and Jude Clavero, 
Connie and Craig Wagoner, 
Joann Stark,
 Joey and Alice C., Dan Ward, 
Sara Fenton, Kelsey Todd, Regina Anderson, Kristin Shirts (charter member), and 
Dena Murray (charter member)