North Jungle

North Jungle Seattle
North Jungle Seattle I-5 encampment

The North Jungle is the Heroes’ largest and most intensive route. Many of our neediest clients reside in this area, either hunkered down beneath the roaring hubbub of I-5 or tent-camping in small groups along the heavily forested slope of Beacon Hill. We pack supplies in on our backs, climbing steep muddy inclines and navigating twisted trails through dense brush to locate the various camps of our clients. At other times we trek along the dark and dusty areas beneath the highway, where many individuals seek refuge from the elements. Despite living outdoors, many of our North Jungle clients do not even have a tent to their name. Some possess only the clothes on their back and a tattered sleeping bag. As a consequence, our support is welcomed with great enthusiasm. Often the food we bring in ends up being the only thing our clients have to eat for that day, and other essential supplies like socks are always in high demand.